Sew Sory Jugdge’; Eye Dont Spelle To Guude!

bad-grammar-6865748Ever have your pleadings redlined by a federal judge?

You have if you are Daytona lawyer David W. Glasser, who unfortunately ran straight into the red, rich and flowing editing pen of Middle District Judge Gregory A. Presnell.

You can see the judge’s handiwork here.

Not only did the Judge do a fairly thorough line-edit for Mr. Glasser, he even asked politely (well, he ordered) David to “personally hand deliver” the Judge’s edits to the client and then file a Notice of Compliance.As my loyal tipster points out (and thanks, btw!), this is a judge who apparently once had lawyers play rock-papers-scissors on the courthouse steps to resolve a discovery dispute.

The whole thing’s worth a read, kids.