Sex, Lies, and Willie Gary?

Once again I ask — why can’t I ever get a case like this? This time Michael Pike gets to have all the fun:

West Palm lawyer Michael Pike included in his filing two X-rated homemade DVDs of Gary’s single adult son, Kenneth, having sex with Nedd. The second DVD, according to Pike, was filmed a week after Nedd and Gary met in a Stuart Best Western, where Nedd claims he sexually assaulted her.

“She claims she was assaulted by the father yet, a week later, she’s making an amateur sex video with the son,” said Pike.

Stuart police investigated both the rape and extortion claims but declined to seek charges in either case.

Earlier this year, Gary’s attorneys accepted a settlement agreement that required the Nedds to pay $100 to resolve the extortion suit. A judge at one point dismissed Jillian Nedd’s suit against the Gary firm, but her attorneys refiled it soon afterward with more information.

Nedd and Kenneth Gary met through the woman’s husband, Kelvin Nedd. He was Kenneth’s physical fitness trainer.

Exhibits accompanying the documents to be filed in Martin County court Monday afternoon also include: Allegations of heavy drug use by Nedd; allegations of assault by Nedd against Kelvin Nedd; witness accounts that, the day before Nedd and Gary met at the Best Western, she bragged to stranger at the bar at Stuart Ale House of being “Willie Gary’s mistress” and that she would soon “celebrate” Gary’s birthday in a hotel. There’s also a police report in the Miami area that indicates Nedd may have accused someone else of sexual assault.

Let’s see:Stuart Ale House? Check.Best Western? Check.Meeting Gary’s son through fitness coach husband? Check.

Stuff of Carl Hiaasen novel? Most definitely.