SFL Friday — A Piece of the Action?

Hi kidzzzz, I was briefly detained by an actual court proceeding but I’m back and wrapping it up.

Congrats to entering an era of 100% Rothstein-free JNC appointments:

The Florida Supreme Court screening committee includes Jay Cohen of the Law Office of Jay Cohen in Fort Lauderdale.
shim-3903628The 3rd District Court of Appeal committee is chaired by Edwin Scales III of Edwin A. Scales III P.A. in Key West and includes Miami attorneys Ramon Abadin of Abadin Cook, Dori Foster-Morales of Elser & Foster-Morales, Juliet Roulhac of Julie Roulhac P.A. and Michael Higer of Higer Lichter & Givner of Aventura.


The 4th District Court of Appeal committee is chaired by Cohen and includes Greg Coleman of Burman Critton Luttier & Coleman in West Palm Beach, Eugene Pettis of Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm in Fort Lauderdale, David Prather of Lytal Reiter Clark Fountain & Williams in West Palm Beach and Lisa Small of Small & Small in Palm Beach.

Big firms and their bankruptcy fee requests are getting renewed scrutiny — damn the trial lawyers!

And Marc Nurik has room in his briefcase for a few photos:

“We want to pick up those photos,” Nurik said. “I don’t know why his personal photos have to be auctioned off, and I’m going to talk to the trustee about that. His personal items should be returned to him.”

I don’t know, I don’t believe this issue was addressed anywhere in the Dreier sentencing memo.

I’ll go Marc one step further — I’d like to see an entire civilization formed exclusively upon the Dreier sentencing memo, you know like that classic Star Trek episode “A Piece of the Action,” where an entire culture was built upon a book about Chicago mobsters of the 1920s.

Ok, maybe that’s where Scott’s head was at after all.

Oh well, time to watch cartoons and eat cereal all day, stare at the perfect female face, pour another drink, and of course stick to my diet.

I’ve always been into having my hands manicured but either way put your hands on something worthwhile this holiday season — you’ll feel better for it.

Have a great weekend!