SFL Friday — Achtung Baby!

Well it’s been an eventful week and a huge Valentine’s weekend looms — I hope you all have a fantastic long one (that didn’t come out quite right but you know what I mean).

Real quick before I go, I’m no foreclosure litigation expert but this seems like a basic no-no:

“They found that many cases were being filed by plaintiffs that didn’t own the mortgages any more,” said Miami lawyer Mark Romance, who chairs the Civil Procedures Rules Committee.

Romance said other cases were being filed against people who no longer owned the homes.

At least they got the service of process right!(actually, they screwed that up too)

You can see the new foreclosure rules and forms here.

What else — I got a bit of a Nazi tingle, these new Valentine’s rules are very confusing, Howard Stern would definitely not like this woman, and I would argue some addictions are totally ok.

Shower the people you love with love, kids.