SFL Friday — Be The Light, Plebes!

From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all.

~Ralph Waldo EmersonAlright, the day is winding down and the weekend winding up.A few quick hits:

1. Pastor Smith found guilty.

2. I am suddenly very sympathetic to the plight of Kim Rothstein.

3. Judge Hurley declares a Swiss lawyer a fugitive.

4. Mitch Karpf talks sexting.

Wow, I better stop on that last one.My traditional late afternoon windsurfing will be temporarily delayed, as Hanukkah Harry makes his first trip this year down to sunny South Florida, bearing socks and slacks and latkes/chocolate coins for all — and jelly donuts.Seriously, it’s a nice time of year isn’t it?Something frequently forgotten about the Hanukkah holiday is not just that the oil burned for eight days, but the light was used to re-sanctify the temple which had been spiritually defiled and debased.I think all of us could use a little detox every now and then.

Other things on my plate this weekend include making efficient use of my staffer’s skills, getting into the holiday spirit, and earning more money to make the people around me happier.

Makes sense, right?And yes, I too slept with Tiger Woods.

Whether you begin your celebrations tonight or sometime soon, have a peaceful and joyous holiday and a great weekend.