SFL Friday — Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way.

You know, I’m starting to tire of always writing about local lawyers and the law.For one thing, it ain’t easy making you guys seem interesting!

Take Krupnick Campbell lawyer Robert J. McKee, whose BP litigation roadshow was profiled today in the NYT:

Mr. McKee’s advice to the group — and it was just advice, because he had to stay on the proper side of the ethical line that bars solicitation of clients — was blunt. Should they decide to sue, he said, “You find someone competent who can kick their butt and take what is owed to you for full, fair and honest compensation.”

I’m all for kicking BP’s butt, and what better way to do that than by exposing yours in an anti-BP nude bicycle protest.Yep, you read that right.

I plan to be there — in fact, I’ll be wearing my vintage 1967 Elvis Presley striped terrycloth speedo with the solid gold buckle so take that, America’s dependence on foreign oil!

But then you come across a story like this, and it just sorta makes it all worthwhile:

Marlins Ballpark isn’t scheduled to open until April 2012, but that didn’t stop season-ticket holder Herman Russomanno from touring his Diamond Club suite Thursday and checking out the field-level view directly behind home plate. The Miami attorney sat down in his cushioned, oversized seat and pronounced it “very comfortable and spacious,” then plunked down a deposit for four seats at $325 per seat per game.

Russomanno was the first visitor to the new Marlins Ballpark sales headquarters overlooking the construction site in the footprint of the old Orange Bowl in Little Havana. The 1,800-square-foot office at 1390 NW Seventh St. — scheduled to open Tuesday by appointment — features an exact replica of a premium suite, three-dimensional, wall-sized video and artists’ renderings and a detailed scale model of the ballpark, complete with moving, retractable roof and miniature JumboTron.