SFL Friday — Cursed Technology Edition

Let’s try to put things in perspective before we windsurf over to the glorious South Beach Wine & Food Festival, which is always a blast (even if ticket sales are down and they are losing sponsors due to the crumbling economy):

Let’s see — it’s raining rats at the Palm Beach County courthouse; even Blackwater(!) had to lay off some workers; we can’t afford to build more prisons and may have to let some prisoners go free; and — believe it or not — but we will all have to pitch in and buy Maurice Jay Kutner’s law office an answering machine:

Maurice Jay Kutner and Anthony Sabatino, listed in court records as Louise Sage Stanford’s lawyers in the Florida case, also were unavailable for comment late yesterday. Their law firm telephone didn’t have an answering machine.

“Their law firm telephone didn’t have an answering machine”? Holy hail, did Bloomberg News just report that?

I hope many of you have volunteered to serve as judges in the various student mock trial competitions that we will soon be hosting — both the ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition (which will be held in a few weeks at Rump’s joint) and Miami-Dade County High School Mock Trial Competition (which takes place next week at the Knight Center) need qualified volunteers.

Me, I’ve been studying new employment relationships, enjoying the latest issue of SI, and learning this very interesting fact about the internets:

Of course, some workplaces aren’t keen on having dogs or private dance parties during the day, so office workers with online access find Internet distractions. Gretchen Doores, a senior account executive at Greenough Communications, lets herself check her social networking profiles and chat with friends for a few minutes. After she’s had some virtual recreation, she’s ready to go back to work.

You mean bored office workers sometimes fool around on this thing? You learn something new every day.

Have a great weekend everybody!