SFL Friday — Have An Awesomest Day of Atonement!

Well kids I plan to scoot out of here shortly, to begin my long solemn weekend regimen of prayer, reflection, and expanding my abdomen, so let’s take a quick look at what is happening around town.

I see Bill Amlong has a good case against fancy Fort Lauderdale private school St. Marks:

The Rev. William “Dub” Brooks, 58, headmaster of St. Mark’s Episcopal School, has been accused by the dismissed teachers of age discrimination. They are demanding their jobs back.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued letters this summer, saying it had determined Brooks had a list of about 25 positions he planned to eliminate, and had repeatedly expressed “his intentions to replace ‘all the older women with young women with big boobs.’ “

Interesting educational policy you have there, Reverend.

David Broder, fresh from visiting a midwestern church potluck dinner where the chicken was succulent, the mashed potatoes mounded high, and the tea filled with sweet sweet bipartisan love, is worried that Obama thinks too much:

For him, governing means not just addressing discrete challenges as they arise, but formulating comprehensive policies aimed at giving large social systems — and indeed society itself — more rational and coherent forms and functions. In this view, the long-term, systemic problems of healthcare, education and the environment cannot be solved in small pieces. They must be taken on in whole.’

That’s bad, right?I mean, everyone knows real men make decisions based on two criteria only — by trusting their gut, and by asking WWJD.

Also, note to Herald — everyone already laughed about this column yesterday.

Finally, in honor of Milt Ferrell (and Warren Zevon), please take a moment to remember tomorrow is Mesothelioma Awareness Day.

Have a great weekend everybody!