SFL Friday — Is It Back to School Already?

Well it’s Friday the 13th which means only good things can happen, right?

Like NRO legal blogger Ed Whelan letting loose on Chief Judge Vaughn Walker (he ends with this carefully calibrated, mild observation:  “I can’t imagine that any federal district judge has ever committed more egregious and momentous acts of malfeasance in a case.”)

Now that’s a throwdown.

Come on all you local judges, don’t get one-upped by your brethren in ND CA — there’s still time!

Then you have terror babies, internment camps for illegals, and more info than you needed to know about Pee Wee Herman’s trial defense.

And this is all just in one day! Boy how did I get on this tangent?

Let’s discuss something near and dear to my heart — easing tension.

In addition to bumper-stickering your political rival’s car, I understand there are less well-known, nontraditional methods that are apparently just as effective.

Maybe the Miami Lakes city council can give it a try?

And of course all you parents out there are gearing up for back-to-school especially with this weekend’s tax holiday — rest assured, I am too (see above).

Have a great weekend!