SFL Friday — Love Is In The Air

So Willie Gary’s son Kobe gets two and a half years.

Question –does this vindicate the seven-member “trial team” strategy?

How the hail should I know — I do civil litigation, but hopefully David will weigh in.

Sheesh it’s too darn nice outside, so I am out of here for some early afternoon windsurfing.

There are tons of civic/charitable things for you to do this weekend, and I’ve gotten emails from just about all of you on stair climbs, walks, runs, crawls you name it.

Pick one and do it, putzos — or at least donate to someone who is.

Before I go please don’t forget to be careful around your Wii, this is just plain weird, and Demi Moore is on a most excellent diet.

Oh yeah, one more thing — happy birthday, Israel!

Have a great weekend.