SFL Friday — Mr. Blue Sky

So it’s a sunny Friday, I’m going to ignore that the Dow is down 245 this afternoon, and try to focus on the positive.

Maybe I still have a slight post-election bounce, or maybe it was having the pleasure of seeing Gore Vidal speak to an overpacked house yesterday evening at the Miami Book Fair, but I can’t help but feel things are due to get better, and that small steps are being taken in the right direction.

Indeed, I was so jazzed up yesterday that I must apologize to Alex Penelas and Jorge Perez, who were lunching next to me at Prime Blue Grill. I had no idea you didn’t know all the words to “Mr. Blue Sky” and next time I will try to pick a song everyone can sing to. This never happens with Ira.

Either way I must soon collect my windsurfing gear, pack my many accoutrements, and hopefully beat an early retreat. I urge you all to do likewise.

Folks, enjoy your weekend wherever the winds may take you.