SFL Friday — Multitasking The Weekend Away.

Kids, close your other seven browsers, stop updating your online profile, mute the conference call you are barely listening to, and stop text-messaging your kids for a moment.

It turns out that multitasking may not be a good thing:

[A]ccording to David E. Meyer, director of the Brain, Cognition and Action Laboratory at the University of Michigan, not only do mistakes go up when we multi-task, but it also takes us longer to complete a task, compared to if we did each task sequentially.

The other choice we have involves putting our full attention on one activity (and yes, reading Twitter or Facebook updates is an activity, so doing that while attending to another task is two, not one, activities). It turns out that we can accomplish more by focusing on one item, such as composing an email, with our full attention than if we continually toggle back and forth between composing the email and reading Twitter or Facebook updates. There is power in our undivided attention.

Maybe that’s why Judge Moreno banned emails and so forth in district court.Smart guy, that judge.

So it’s a huge South Florida weekend and there’s lots and lots to do. Tennis out on Key Biscayne, jazz all weekend at Dolphin Stadium, even the Dade County Fair just began on Thursday.

Boy I remember my first date at the fair, with a pretty girl I had a big crush on. Now it’s true I was 37 at the time, but you know, those memories do live forever.Me, I have packed my big bag of tricks because this is going to be a great weekend. Camera, check. Beat-up 8-track of Bolero, check. Assorted windsurfing items, check. Malaccan gin and cocktail onions, you bet.

Still, I am planning to do all things in moderation, and you all know how seriously I feel about charity. In fact, I urge you all to bid on this donated item and help out the New North London Synagogue, which could really use our help.

Hey, it’s a mitzvah!And remember — one thing at a time, peoples.

See you all Monday and have a great weekend!