SFL Friday — Mysteries of Love Edition!

Well it’s almost that time, and as I gather my windsurfing essentials my mind lingers on the Gulf Oil disaster.

Question — why is the media fixated on whether you can see oil on the beaches?

Given the historic volume of oil released, and the length of time the oil has been gushing, isn’t it a reasonable assumption that the Gulf ecosystem will be severely impacted whether or not you can anecdotally spot surface oil off the shoreline?

Still, it’s good to know we have assembled the right legal team:

The co-chairman of the group Gov. Crist created about a month ago to look out for the state’s legal claims against BP and others was one of many lobbyists last year for the group that ambushed the Legislature with a bill to end the ban on oil drilling in state waters. Former Florida Attorney General Jim Smith also was a lobbyist for BP about a decade ago, and his son was a registered lobbyist in Tallahassee for BP last year.”Hey, I’m a lawyer,” Mr. Smith said in an interview Thursday, meaning that his work for the oil industry won’t affect his work for the state going after the oil industry. “I’m not concerned about (a conflict),” as he leads the Oil Spill Legal Advisory Council.

“Hey, I’m a lawyer” — well that settles it! Don’t lawyers run conflicts checks anymore? Oh hail I’m outta here.

Before I rev up the van please remember to always dress appropriately for work, people have been writing about it for a long time, and Cameron Diaz reveals her beauty secret (hint hint — it’s also an effective diet).

Have a wet hot American weekend!