SFL Friday — Rick Scott Can Spend As Much As He Wants!

 Well I’m off to find some cool, cleansing waters to windsurf, but before I go I wanted to mention this dispiriting report on the EPIC FAIL of getting Obama’s judicial nominees on the bench:

Judicial confirmations slowed to a trickle on the day President Barack Obama took office. Filibusters, anonymous holds, and other obstructionary tactics have become the rule. Uncontroversial nominees wait months for a floor vote, and even district court nominees—low-ranking judges whose confirmations have never been controversial in the past—are routinely filibustered into oblivion. Nominations grind to a halt in many cases even after the Senate Judiciary Committee has unanimously endorsed a nominee.

Such tactics are completely unprecedented, and so are their results. Fewer than 43 percent of President Obama’s judicial nominees have so far been confirmed, while past presidents have enjoyed confirmation rates as high as 93 percent. And President Obama’s nominees have been confirmed at a much slower rate than those of his predecessor—nearly 87 percent of President George W. Bush’s judicial nominees were confirmed.

 Bork Bork Bork Bork I know, but this is not very healthy is it?

In other news, Rick Scott gets his very own 11th Circuit opinion:

We agree with the district court that Davis requires Florida to justify its excess spending subsidy by reference to the anticorruption interest, but conclude that Florida cannot satisfy its burden of establishing that its subsidy furthers that interest in the least restrictive manner possible. We reverse the judgment of the district court and preliminarily enjoin the Secretary of State of Florida from releasing funds to McCollum under the excess spending provision.

This means Scott can spend almost as much as a huge corporation (thank you, Citizens United). It also means Big Bad Bill will have to rely solely on his charisma.

(He’s screwed.)

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE:  I’m advised that I apparently posted a photograph of a different Rick Scott.  My apologies to the wacky children’s singer.

(Sheesh, I’m starting to act like the Herald).