SFL Friday — Russ Adler Deposition Follies!

The Intrepid One™  reports on Russ Adler’s deposition, which went off about as smoothly as everything else in Rothstein-world:

Lichtman and Adler’s lawyer, Fred Haddad of Fort Lauderdale, stood and yelled at each other several times in the highly charged session. After Lichtman sarcastically questioned Adler’s assertions that he was a “premiere” lawyer in Broward County, Haddad threatened to have Adler leave the deposition if Lichtman did not treat Adler with respect. Later, Lichtman threatened to stop the deposition and get a protective order to force Adler to answer his questions.

“You’ve been argumentative with me all day,” Lichtman said. “I don’t want your speeches.”

 This may be my favorite part (by Jon Burstein in the Sun-Sentinel):

At times, Adler lashed out at Lichtman, accusing him of trying to trap him with “memory games” and telling the bankruptcy attorney: “I don’t trust you. I don’t believe you.”

Adding a side element to the deposition was Adler’s wife, Katie Adler, who repeatedly spoke up, much to the chagrin of Adler’s attorney, Fred Haddad, who threatened to kick her out of the room.

Katie, I appreciate the sentiment, but let your man handle this, ok?

In other news eat lots of salt, charm may not be a positive personality trait, and it’s always mind over matter.

I’m cutting out of downtown early as I understand they may be something happening here later, so happy windsurfing to all and have a great weekend!