SFL Friday — Second Chakra Edition

The WP’s Ezra Klein offers some bracing insights into all those supposedly confidential listserves everyone and her mother belongs to:

A private e-mail list is not public, but it is electronically archived text, and it is protected only by a password field and the good will of the members. It’s easy to talk as if it’s private without considering the possibility, unlikely as it is, that it will one day become public, and that some ambitious gossip reporters will dig through it for an exposure story. And because that possibility doesn’t feel fully real, people still talk like it’s private and then get burned if it goes public.

(Boy I hope my Bo Derek Is a Goddess listmates don’t turn on me after all these years.)Sheesh, what else?

I see Adorno’s decades-long defense strategy in citrus canker continues to reap taxpayer dividendsNext stop — the obligatory, pointless appeal.

Here is a list of decent sci-fi movies coming out in 2011 — actually, none of them look that good, but what do you think?

Finally, I’ve gathered all the necessary gear and intend forthwith to windsurf my way into a glorious weekend.How about you?

Before I go, all I can say is oy with this second chakra business, Helen Mirren has still got it, sacred unions are fun, and women have much nicer voices (though you already knew that).

Have a great weekend everyone!