SFL Friday — Sun and Fun Edition

reagan-6796310Well kids, another week is ending — hooray!And what did we learn?

That well-meaning populist outrage can lead to crappy legislation.

That some little pointless war is having its 6th birthday (they are so cute at that age!).

That there is some very kinky stuff going on inside the CIA.

Oh yeah, this one’s my favorite — that there is at least one tangible positive benefit to this awful economy. It’s about time on that last one.

Well I have grand plans for the weekend, and I hope you do too. I plan to do a little bedtime reading, ponder how I can get an early copy of the new Dylan album, and finally learn how to properly smile.

Folks, be like me and put your well-manicured hands on something valuable and precious this weekend.

I always do.

Have a great weekend!