SFL Friday — Tim and I, Down The Telegraph Road.

Well Tim and I have been slightly delayed by inclement weather, but be assured that magnificent GT Gevalia machine will soon be in our grubby little hands. If we’re a little late and a little wet at the Hyatt tonight now you know why…..

Note to idiot outside au bon pain at lunchtime — no one wants to hear you rail into your Bluetooth about whether or not some category of documents is responsive to a discovery request. You sound like a complete schmuck, dude — suck it up like the rest of us, live with “cell phone elbow,” and this way you don’t look like some reject from Star Trek — The Dumdum Edition.

BTW, I billed 1.9 to your client just for having to endure your crappy (and erroneous) views on Rule 26(b)(1).Boy I remember the days when everyone wanted a croissant. Cheese-filled, chocolate-chip-filled, it was all croissant, all the time. That and “smoothies.”

Now it’s flat-bread; get me a pesto Panini wrap, whatever the hail that is, stat!

Everything is suddenly all about the flat bread — tell me dear hipsters, what could possibly be so hip about your bread lacking yeast? Like most things, the Jews have been there, done that.Sorry, got lost on a rant — so what are your plans for the weekend?

Me I have that DCBA thing tonight, then I plan to contemplate the joys of fatherhood, shop for some new toys, and experiment with new anti-aging therapies.

And tomorrow is the anniversary of D-Day, and while everything was not perfect, it was good enough. And if you didn’t see Obama with Elie Wiesel at Buchenwald this morning, you should watch the whole thing.

And play it for your folks, too — not all of them get this tubes business.

Have a great weekend everybody!