SFL Friday — “You Got To Shake It Baby, You Got To Shake It Baby, You Got To Shake It”

Ok, let’s get the law stuff out of the way real quick.

My friend Guest Blogger and now even the indomitable Billy Shields points out there are some cha-cha-cha-changes in the family division, with Judge Sandy Karlan now Chief Administrative Judge, and Judge Scott Bernstein the new Associate Administrative Judge.

Also, Judge Carol Kelly (hi there Judge!!) is the new AJ of the domestic violence division.These are some of the toughest places for our judges to be, where overworked, underfunded public servants do their best to make justice work amid shrinking budgets and rising caseloads.Thank you all for your service.

Hey all you hipster Mac users, who’s laughing now?

Related — I hate Justin Long.

Well it looks like it might stop raining someday, so what do you all have planned for this weekend?(Greenberg Girl, don’t tell me I already know.)

As usual, I have a lot on my plate. Of course I plan to eat my fruits and veggies, place some vodka to my lips (purely in the interests of science), and — like I always do — contemplate the changing nature of feminine beauty.

Personally, I find beauty everywhere and in all shapes and forms. I may even find some Saturday at Mizner Park, when those twisted, sardonic, aging misanthropes take the stage and shake it, Babylon Sisters, shake it.

“So fine so young, tell me I’m the only one….”

And Sunday I expect to windsurf my way over to South Beach, where I plan to clean things up, one lonely butt at a time.

See, I told you I was busy.

Have a great weekend everybody!