SFL Monday — Lew Freeman Wades Into It.

sewagewaders-8148078So Reverend Cutie Reverend Cutie Reverend Cutie Reverend Cutie Reverend Cutie everyone!

I’m hesitant to add to the massive amount of digital ink that has been spilled on this slightly overreported story, but I am quite sure the handsome South Beach canoodler is the perfect guy to carry the anti-celibacy message to the new Pope — who recently restored the pre-Vatican II prayer for conversion of the Jews and also may or may not have been a former Nazi.

Hey, makes sense to me — I live in Florida!Anyone still into mortgage fraud? Boy those were the days.

Anyways, I see there has been an update in that odd story I reported on earlier involving UM Law grad Delaila Estefano — looks like she has been suspended indefinitely pending disposition of the criminal case.

Anyone who knows more on this story, feel free to contact me directly.

Holy hail, look at that — DBR ace John Pacenti nabbed an exclusive interview with the notoriously media-shy Lew Freeman!

Lew, don’t let me down — I need some screwball metaphors stat! I need some non sequiturs and I need them now! I need one (or two, or three) Titanic references and they better be good:

“We are in the eye of the hurricane. This is the calm,” Freeman said.

Ok, this time he went with a naturally-occuring disaster. What else:

“That’s the trend we are going to see in the future: The superhero of the court system and litigation,” Freeman said.

Superhero? But Lew, they’re all ambivalent, conflicted and moody nowadays.Let’s have something classy and high-road to finish up with:

“There’s so much backed up that when it comes out we are going to need hip boots,” he said. “It’s going to stink, and it’s going to be deep.”

“And I’m just talking about breakfast,” Freeman added.

Oy — you may want to revisit the Titanic references there, Lew.