SHOCKER — Section 1983 Does Not Protect Bismarck’s Descendants!

 Pro se plaintiff Larry Delaney, the love child of Chancellor Bismarck and Erica Jung (I’m guessing he means fully liberated author Erica Jong), just can’t catch a break.

Not only was he jumped — at the personal direction of the President and Vice-President — by a bunch of goons as he slept peacefully in his sleeping bag on a moonlit Hawaiian beach, but now Judge Martinez thinks his civil rights claims may be frivolous.

Damn you Al Sharpton:

Plaintiff does allege that he was “tied to the whipping post,” but he appears to be speaking figuratively, because he asserts this happened “in . . . coded case law.” Plaintiff also alleges that “President O’bama [sic]” and “Vice President Biden” arranged “to have the Petitioner jumped by two Hawaiians in his sleeping bag” and arranged “for a girl to poison the Petitioner at his apartment complex.” On their face, these allegations, particularly in conjunction with Plaintiff’s other allegations, appear fantastic and delusional. Even if the Court did not dismiss these allegations as frivolous on their face, the Court notes that they do not appear to assert that the President and Vice-President were acting under color of state law.

Oh I see, the old “frolic and detour” defense.

So the Prez and Veep were just having a good time on a Saturday night, I got you Judge M.

Pretty crafty I’ll say that, but then again you are in fact dealing with British intelligence and/or the Pointer Sisters. Will Otto and Erica’s kid take this lying down (in his sleeping bag)?

Stay tuned…….