Six Reasons I Will Not Be Blogging This Morning.

071808-ten-5513600Hi kids, here they are:

1. I just had new speakers installed at my office and I plan to blare Quadrophenia at excessive volumes so the new associates stay way the hail out of my way (note to sweet kitchen lady — you can still bring in the cafecito at 10:30).

2. It’s National Constitution Day so I will be quietly reading the entire moldy oldie (while of course listening to Quadrophenia at excessive volumes).

3. I need time to compose an awesomely concise, 140-character or less Twitter message to my pals Hector Chichoni and Jared Beck, informing them that Twitter is an interim, transitional technology that will be about as relevant in 10 years as AOL Message Boards are today.

4. I’m still processing the arse-kicking that Brian Tannebaum’s Criminal Offense delivered to the Well-Hung Jury.

5. I have finally found an instance where there can be no doubt that Iqbal has been properly applied.

BTW, the “lawyer” representing the plaintiff in the above case called the federal judge — a George W. Bush appointee — a “puppet” of Obama “just like in the Soviet Union” but did walk it back some by helpfully suggesting that “not every judge is as corrupt as Judge Land.”

(Thank goodness she didn’t post these comments on a blog!)

6. What else — I’m going windsurfing.