Spencer Aronfeld Offers His “Recipe for Disaster”!

Our own knife-wielding Spencer Aronfeld gets front-page USA Today coverage on his botched-surgery cases:

“They’ve created these kind of fast food courts where people go in, pick from a menu of what they want done and the physician who meets with them is not necessarily the doctor who operates on them and he’s not the one who follows up with them,” says Soto’s lawyer here, Spencer Aronfeld, who is representing other Strax patients. “This is a recipe for disaster.”

 Great article Spence, but why so much food imagery?

I recall reading a fantastic essay once on why so many of Paul Mazursky’s films have scenes that center around food — the pot brownies from I Love You, Alice B. Toklas; the dinner scenes from Moscow on the Hudson or the bagels and lox from  Down and Out in Beverly Hills — the list goes on.

This essay from Nathan Abrams (starts on page 87) offers a clue.

Good luck with the cases!