Spencer Kuvin Asks Interesting Questions of Interesting People.

article-1363636-0d800c79000005dc-710_306x727-6142667 You have to love the British press.

Get a load of this headline,which somehow involves WPB attorney Spencer Kuvin:

Umm, right. The story naturally is about billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his personal assistants, who Spencer deposed in the continuing underage sex saga unfolding in Palm Beach:

Miss Kellen and Miss Marcinkova, both in their 20s, were given immunity from prosecution in the controversial deal fixed by Epstein when he was jailed for 18 months for soliciting prostitution from under-age girls.

Miss Kellen, named as the chief fixer who brought Epstein a succession of under-age girls for sex, was first to be quizzed on oath by lawyer Spencer Kuvin at the offices of Epstein’s attorney Jack Goldberger in West Palm Beach.

Records of the deposition reveal her own lawyer Bruce Reinhart advised her to exercise her constitutional right to stay silent so as not to incriminate herself.

Even today both women remain fiercely loyal to Epstein, who bankrolled their luxury lifestyles. Each visited him dozens of times in jail.

Question — if you have already received immunity, how can you then plead the 5th? Also, when is Prince Andrew’s deposition?

(I want to make sure I’m free that day).