Steel Hector = South Florida’s Woodstock?

towels-4730899Hi kids!Let’s give big props and thanks to Guest Blogger for so ably stepping up, stepping in and holding down the fort while I attended to Important Legal Matters.Not only is that kid a tremendous lawyer — he’s a darn good blogger!I think I handled the Important Legal Stuff pretty well myself, though there’s always room for improvement. For example, next time I probably won’t start an evidentiary hearing by asking the Judge if she would like one or two cocktail onions in her dry Gin Gibson.Also, it’s probably best during oral argument to not to refer to myself in the third person.Who knew?

Anyways, thanks for the three thousand emails I received regarding the SHD reunion held Friday. You can see the pictures from the big event here.

You know how everyone from the 60s claims to be at Woodstock?I think SHD is kinda like that — everyone I know claims to have worked there at one time or another. Can that be possible?

Judging from the photos, it looks like there may be some merit to the claim.