Steve Zack Explains How He Broke Leg — You Gotta Hear This Story!

Oh this is a kneeslapper, you know Steve Zack?

Here’s the latest — he broke his fibula.

Why, may you ask, is that interesting or even arguably newsworthy?Here’s why — you’re not going to believe how it happened:

“Silliest thing. There was loose gravel over a road. My left leg slipped. I tried to catch myself with the right leg and I fell on it. When I heard the pop, I knew it wasn’t a good day.” He’s using a wheelchair and crutches, and expects to have a plate put in to help the bone heal straight and stabilize the ankle.

“Last time I broke an ankle was 40 years ago, playing tennis. It seemed to hurt a lot less.”

Meanwhile, he’s using audio-visual conferencing to conduct business.

Kids, now this one’s a keeper!Rich with gripping detail, sucking the listener in as Zack regales — preferably with exaggerated facial expressions and body movements — how he slipped on one leg, tried to catch himself on the other, then fell on the gravel on the road, then heard a pop — oh this is anecdote gold!!One for the grandkids, ladies and gentlemen, or at least the next 40 speaking engagements.

And the audio-visual conferencing nugget just adds impressive luster to the tale — there he is, the commander of the Starship ABA Enterprise, “opening up a channel” on one of the many Starfleet hailing frequencies, servicing clients and weighing in on Federation matters large and small.

BTW, this is our way of hoping Steve gets well soon.