Story Idea for Glenn Garvin!

Hi Glenn, I know you’re always looking around for story ideas, and you’ve already done feature stories on a wide range of voices from Glenn Beck to Brit Hume, from Bill O’Reilly to John Stossel.

So let me suggest angry crank and former Law and Order actor Michael Moriarty, who gives an unhinged rant about the “left-wing” tilt of the show here?

Michael, I had totally forgotten you were even on that show, your part having been completely owned by Sam Waterston.

Were you on with Angie Harmon?

Or was it Carey Lowell?

(Sorry, that’s my frame of reference for this show).Either way, no one cares about your opinion and whether or not your now-out-of-print-book verifies that you resigned and were not terminated oh so long ago.Wait a minute, someone does care.