Summer’s Here, Plebes!

2004_after_the_sunset_006-4677885Friday morning — what a great time for roadwork. Thank you Dade County!

I woke up this morning with a lot of energy. So much so that reading Richard Cohen’s dumb op-ed in today’s Herald didn’t even bother me that much.

Dear Miami Herald: we know you syndicate the WP writer’s group — easily the worst collection of columnists on the planet (sorry Glenn!) — but Richard’s muddled musings were released to the intertubes on Tuesday (for free).

So why are you making Herald subscribers pay to read it again three days later?BTW, best I can tell, Richard thinks it’s “elitism-cum-racism” because other people besides Judge Sotomayor also came from the Bronx and made it big.I happen to agree with Richard — being Whoopi Goldberg or Mike Tyson is way cooler than being nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Still, today is a great day and here’s why — it is the last day I will receive my thirty-thousandth daily email from my friend Tim Ravich!

Yes, tonight Tim turns over the DCBA reigns to Steve Befera, at a swanky affair this evening at the Hyatt.

Greenberg Gang, get ready — Tim and I are planning an amphibious assault on GT later this morning, as kind of a pre-installation dinner warm up. We’ve been doing this for years.

It’s kinda going to be like the way Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek stole that big diamond at the end of that movie they filmed at Atlantis, except this year Tim probably will not be wearing a skimpy bikini.

What can I say, the guy is modest!

Anyway, we’ll be launching as usual with a parachute jump into the bay from Ken Reilly’s corner office at SHB, and from there we will silently navigate our Ocean Kayak all the way to the crappy elevator system they have at GT.

Once we get through the already out-of-date flat-screen TV obstacles they have in the lobby, the treasured Gevalia coffee machine will be ours!Don’t worry, we’ll be dressed and back at the Hyatt by 7 p.m. and no one will have the slightest clue.

Tim, you did good with that whole DCBA thing, but stay focused — this has to be timed perfectly.