The Interesting Case of Detainee Hicks and His Father

Austalian Guantamo Detainee David Hicks’ has been helped from time to time by the sympathetic comments of his father, Terry Hicks.  However his father’s statements have not always been so helpful.

Today, Terry Hicks described his apprehension about visiting the prison and seeing his son for the first time in three years. 

While his father comes off as sympathetic in many media accounts, as early as December 14, 2001 in The Daily Telegraph (Local Section P. 2, no direct link available), Terry Hicks was quoted saying about his son: “I think of a terrorist as someone with a bomb strapped to him, but he is a terrorist in our yes as he’s fighting against his own kind.” 

Terry Hicks may in fact be called as a witness against his son.  Colonel Davis, Chief Prosecutor for the Office of Military Commissions stated “”The very first interviews I can find when someone referred to him as a terrorist was Terry Hicks,”

It will be interesting to see how Terry Hicks plays into things and if he takes the stand, it certainly will make for headlines.