The Magical Powers of Max Holtzman

Here is local attorney Max Holtzman, in today’s Herald:

Max Holtzman, a Miami lawyer and fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, was in a downtown office building when he ran into a high-powered business consultant.

One of her major concerns about Obama, she confided, was his “deep Muslim roots.”

”I told her that he’s been a practicing Christian for a very long time,” Holtzman said. “I cleared the air, and now she’s a great supporter.”

First of all, what kind of airheaded “high-powered business consultant” was this? Anyone with half-a-brain knows that Osama Barry Hussein is an addicted pot-smoking crackhead, yes, but absolutely not a Muslim.Then, after one, incredibly short yet persuasive hallroom conversation with uberlobbyist Max Holtzman, this woman is completely turned around and is now “a great supporter”?

Boy, that guy is good.