They (Continue to) Write Letters, Part MDCLXVI

Uber-consumer lawyer for Justice, Truth and the American Way David Deehl thinks insurance companies are not always upright corporate citizens. He also apparently thinks intelligent people read all the crazy letters that are published in the Herald:

Consumer-justice attorneys, including myself, know that insurers routinely make low-ball offers and use frivolous defenses to delay consumer lawsuits headed for a jury. They hire doctors who almost never think anyone is injured and who make millions over the years for being slick and misleading juries.

The dickens you say! Wait a minute, smart guy, are you seriously suggesting these companies do not always give insureds the benefit of the doubt, and may not always be genuinely interested in timely processing and paying out their claims?I’m really speechless.Next thing you’ll tell me is car dealers are not always looking out for my best interests.

Oy. I better sit down, that’s an awful lot to take in all at once.