They Write Letters

Carlos Concepcion explains how you can be a hero:

Why pay my employees to take time off from work to assist voters? Because poll workers do not work for political parties or candidates. They take an oath to leave their political opinions and partisan leanings at home.

A poll worker serves all of the voters of our community to make sure that they can exercise their right to vote. Poll-worker service, like jury duty, is the highest form of civic service.

With the change in voting technology that has been receiving so much media attention, business owners, and particularly attorneys, have a responsibility to share their wealth. We have talented employees who read and speak more than one language; energetic people who are accustomed to dealing with the public; people who are computer literate and technology savvy, who can handle stressful situations. These are precisely the people who make the best poll workers.

Carlos, great letter and I completely agree. It’s about time you sent Frank Sexton out to get some real work done.