Things have been broken. Wrongs have been done. People have been hurt.


Man, that sounds like a big scandal to me, but if anyone can get to the bottom of things and obtain Justice, its Ervin.

Speaking of breathy and dramatic, did everyone receive the spam email “Tax Attorney David Garvin Congratulates Helio Castroneves On New Book!”? In his mass email, Tax Attorney David Garvin shared Helio’s vivid description from “Victory Road: The Ride of My Life”, Helio’s book that portrays the drama and intensity of Helio’s tax trial where Tax Attorney David Garvin watched Roy Black defend Helio (why do I keep calling him Helio? I don’t even know the dude. HELIO!).“Mr Castroneves, stand up please.” As soon as he says it, all of the emotions I have been holding in for the past six weeks begin to surge forth…Muffled in the background, the judge begins to read my verdict. I cannot hear anything he says, just echoes inside my own head, my gasps for breath.All of a sudden, my attorney, David Garvin, grabs me, hugs me, and he repeats something to me over and over again until it becomes clear. “I told you it was going to be okay.” My senses slowly return to me and I hear the judge still speaking.That Helio sure is emotive, eh?

Anyhoo, I’m spent. I need to get away, and you should all do the same. There are plenty of great deals on hotels out there, so take advantage.

Make sure to catch up on World Cup action. Its fascinating to observe the different styles of the various sportscasters reporting on the matches. I find myself rooting for Mexico.

Above all, Happy Father’s Day.