This Friday: “Sacred Violence: Religion and Terrorism”

I’m excited to announce that this Friday at Case Western we will be hosting the first annual Roe Green Foundation Conference entitled- “Sacred Violence: Religion and Terrorism.”  Our keynote speaker for the event will be the eminent Dr. Bruce Hoffman, author of Inside Terrorism.  He is Professor of Security Studies at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and formerly held the Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency at the RAND Corporation and was also the Director of RAND’s Washington, D.C. Office. 

The Roe Green Foundation Conference, presented by the Institute for Global Security Law and Policy, is the first of three major national conferences at Case Western Reserve University School of Law supported by the Foundation. The series’ focus is on the most relevant current issues concerning global security law and policy, and brings together distinguished leading experts to discuss such topics as bioterrorism and religion and terrorism, and to assess the U.S. response to terrorism.

This year’s Roe Green Foundation Conference will examine the role that theological justification plays both in motivating individual suicide terrorists and sustaining an organization’s use of this tactic by providing it with a deep pool of recruits to draw on. It will explore and explain the rise of suicide terrorism world-wide since 9/11, assess religion’s role as a key accelerative in this process, and discuss potential legal and policy responses to such acts. 

The event will be WEBCAST, and for those of you who can make the trip, CLE credit is available.  Check out the event website HERE.