This Is The Year That Was.

Well kids, what I can say about this year that hasn’t already been said.F*@K!!What a rollercoaster we’ve had here in the South Florida legal world, and I have a feeling there is more to come in 2010.

We’ve done visual looks back, so this year I was going to offer up some awards, but maybe I’ll let you guys do that.

I will, however, throw one out there just to get things started — best South Florida legal anecdote.

Let’s see, there’s really only one nominee, hands down, my man — the Big Man — Bowman Brown.

Take a bow, Bowman!On a serious note, I want to thank you readers, whose eyeballs, intelligence, wit, and good sense make this blog what it is.Thanks for the support and giggles.

May you find 2010 to be safe, prosperous, peaceful, happy, and joyful for you and yours.