Time To Donate More Old Gym Equipment!


I agree with Fifth DCA Chief Judge Monaco, this is simply too stunning for words:

The state House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee has targeted state judges for an 8 percent salary cut and plans to reduce their judicial assistant staffing by one-quarter. “They did not cut salaries to any other elected officials,” said Circuit Judge John Laurent, chairman of the state court’s Trial Court Budget Commission.

Laurent, a Polk Circuit probate judge, said the subcommittee chaired by state Rep. Richard Glorioso, R-Plant City, offered no justification for the salary cut proposal other than a general comment that they had to cut somewhere.

Why stop there? Maybe we should hold a fundraiser for the court system, though I thought that was what our taxes were for. Or firms can start sponsoring judges, and we can put our logos on their robes so everyone can see who we’re supporting when they come out on the bench.  Then we can have the judges box each other and we can raise some more money that way!

Note to Florida legislature — I’m not really suggesting the above as a revenue source (you really can’t be too sure nowadays with some of these facacta proposals).