Tom Lehman Talks/Buys Wine In the NYT

I was going to do a year-end wrap up, but then I thought I just read about Tew Cardenas lawyer Tom Lehman discussing wine in the NYT?

No, it was not a dream:

And Mr. Truax shepherded Tom Lehman, “our friend from Florida,” he said, around the store.

Mr. Lehman, 57, is a bankruptcy lawyer who lives in Miami but was spending the holidays in the area, and was shopping for a case of wine for himself and his wife. With South Florida still gripped by the recession, business for him has been good this year, he said, so even though he tries to economize by snapping up the wine bargains he sees, he has not had to cut back.

“One of the things that’s alluring about this wine shop is that they get a lot of cellars,” he said, adding that he stops by the store whenever he is in town. “I wish my habits had changed and reduced, but I still continue to buy good wine.”

Hey, same with me — MD 20/20, Boone’s Farm, white Zin, you know, all the good stuff.