UM Athlete Scandal — OF COURSE Lawyers Are Involved.

The shocking allegations involving UM booster and convicted fraudster Nevin Shapiro include an interesting legal twist — the trustee for Shapiro’s defunct investment company wants the players to give all the money and gifts back:

“The trustee, Joel Tabas, was appointed by the Justice Department to oversee the case,” Miami attorney Gary Freedman said. “We have fiduciary duties to investigate these claims and, if we think we have an obligation, to try to recover them. It’s not our intention to cause these athletes any further tension or embarrassment. I would prefer they reach out to me to try to resolve the claims without a lawsuit.”

 Oy veh — clawback suits?? Question — exactly how do you give a paid sex act back? And a related question — can this disaster get any worse?

Answers — I have no idea; and yes, it definitely can — it most definitely can.