UM Law Student’s Tale of Woe

University of Miami School of Law 3L Todd Sussman is about to graduate and isn’t all that happy:

I’d always thought about becoming a lawyer, so I started applying to law schools and chose to attend the University of Miami. At first I hesitated to attend a private institution because of their high tuition rates especially in a city like Miami where life can be expensive, but I’m from South Florida and I wanted to be close to home. I wasn’t sure how I would pay for it all so I looked into student loans. The financial aid office at UM was very helpful and was able to help me get the money I needed for tuition and living expenses while in school. I knew I would have to pay the money back eventually, but I thought about the earning potential I would have as a lawyer and didn’t think I would have any problems paying those loans back. Unfortunately, my plan didn’t involve an economic recession.

Now here I stand three months from graduating, $180,000 in debt and no prospects of a job after graduation. I’ve started reaching out to everyone I know in hopes of finding something to pay the bills after I graduate, but no luck so far.

This is a tough time to be entering the South Florida legal market, though we’ve been there a few times before.Todd doesn’t write about how he did in school, what he was doing over the summers, and what specific efforts he has made while in school to get a job.I have to assume he didn’t work at a BigLaw firm over the summer, so he’s probably not going to be hired by one of them anytime soon.

(Not that they’re doing so hot anyways — H&K is reporting revenue down 10 percent and a 9 percent lawyer reduction with 70 layoffs).

That means hit the pavement, talk to the ham-and-schleppers, expand your options well beyond South Florida, look to teaching, part-time hourly, public service, and other alternatives to traditional post-grad legal entry positions.

Who knows, maybe one of you big-time machers who read this crappy blog will give Todd a hand?