UPDATE: Hicks pleads guilty at Gitmo

According to an AP Report, Hicks “pleaded guilty Monday to a war-crime charge of providing material support to terrorism.”

Hicks entered the plea before a military judge in a courtroom on this U.S. naval base. Hicks had deferred entering a plea during his arraignment earlier in the day, but the presiding officer, Marine Col. Ralph Kohlmann, convened another session after lawyers told him Hicks would enter a plea.

And from the New York Times:

After Mr. Hicks’s guilty plea, the judge adjourned the case for further proceedings this week, evidently so that the lawyers could settle on what specific acts he may acknowledge. The sentence will be decided by a five-member military commission.

Lawyers have said in recent days that there have been plea negotiations since January. They have suggested that he might serve out the remainder of any sentence in Australia. Asked whether Mr. Hicks might be back in Australia by the end of the year, a military prosecutor said, “The odds are pretty good.”