Vote, Plebes!

I understand there is some kind of election today. Make your mom proud and go vote, ok?

In other news, the intrepid one reports that the three foreclosure firms targeted by Bill McCollum’s office is fighting back, filing motions to quash the subpoenas served upon them.

One of the firms is represented by WPB attorney Gerry Richman:

The subpoena has had a chilling effect on clients and has led to defense lawyers citing the investigation in motions to have the Shapiro firm disqualified from cases. One judge, according to the petition, has said in open court he will deny all summary judgment motions filed by the law firms named by the attorney general based solely on the existence of the investigation.
In an interview, attorney Gerald Richman, who is representing the Shapiro firm, said he did not know who the judge is. He denied the Shapiro firm falsified any documents.
“One of our concerns is the broad brush,” he said. “We are not in the category with David Stern, we are not in the category with any other law firm. Hopefully we will not lose clients. We’re doing whatever we can to fight back.” 

Question — when doing a media interview regarding that type of allegation, wouldn’t it be helpful to have the name of the judge on your desk somewhere in case you are asked about it?

Or maybe my pal Gerry knows but doesn’t want to say who it is?