Where Is the Steve Lippman Protective Order?

This DBR article on Steve Lippman’s continuing efforts to shield the public from his deposition testimony in the Rothstein matter says an order was entered Wednesday:

Lippman made a last-minute attempt Thursday to postpone the depositions until the court could clarify whether transcripts of the depositions could be released.
shim-9865066During an emergency hearing on Monday, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Raymond Ray barred the news media and the public from attending the Lippmans’ depositions at their request.


But Ray’s order, which came down Wednesday afternoon, said that counsel for the firm’s bankruptcy trustee “shall make the transcripts available to the press and public.”
Following an emergency hearing Thursday morning, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John K. Olson, who was filling in for Ray who is on vacation, ruled from the bench that transcripts could not be released until April 9, giving the Lippmans the chance to either appeal Ray’s order or file a motion for reconsideration.

Here is the docket — smart PACER kids, tell me where is Judge Ray’s Order?BTW I like this part of the argument:

Lippman’s attorney, Patrick Scott of GrayRobinson, said making the transcripts available could cause embarrassment to his clients.
“The entire transcript could end up on the blog within minutes or hours or days after the deposition ended,” Scott said in court Thursday

“Yeah, just like my to-do list,” Scott added.I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Anyone know what the story is with the Order let me know.