WIllie Gary’s Son Hires [Insert Sport Here] Team’s Worth of Lawyers!

Hmm, are there any sports teams that consist of seven members, or six members and a coach?Maybe team handball?

Anyways, if you can think of an appropriate sports analogy let me know:

A week before his sentencing, convicted pot grower Kobie Gary has hired a new lead attorney and added more lawyers to his team.

Miami attorney Jeffrey Weiner on Tuesday confirmed he’ll supervise a group of six defense lawyers when Gary appears April 7 before U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore in Miami.

Gary, 30, the son of Stuart attorney Willie Gary, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute 100 or more marijuana plants. He was arrested in October as he left a Hobe Sound home that contained 237 pot plants, records show.

“I’ve been asked by Kobie and Willie Gary to lead the defense on this matter,” said Weiner, who noted local lawyer Richard Kibbey will remain as co-counsel.

I don’t do this type of work, but can someone tell me what the strategy is behind hiring six lawyers and a supervising attorney for a sentencing hearing?Are they planning a 2-2-2 defense for Judge Moore?

BTW, I love this description of Willie’s new jet:

Willie E. Gary unveiled the newest member of his air fleet – “Wings of Justice II,” a custom-designed, 32-passenger Boeing 737 that will be used to conduct business throughout the United States and beyond.

The aircraft, which sports an interior renovation that cost more than $11 million, includes an 18-karat gold sink, plush leather seats, carpet, a $1.2 million sound system, and a full-service kitchen.

“Wings II” provides the Gary law firm with the ability to handle cases throughout the United States. Gary and his partners will continue using “Wings of Justice I” – the law firm’s Gulfstream II Jet, which has been flying since 1996.

“This aircraft allows us to better serve our clients,” Gary said. “We can meet with people in Atlanta, Chicago and Carolina the same day and still be home for dinner. The plane is equipped with a conference table, an office, a bedroom and a full-service kitchen.”

An 18-karat gold sink and million dollar sound system is nice, but come on — no hot tub?