Young Vic Diaz To Start Own Law Firm!

We’re really happy for him:

Attorney Victor M. Diaz Jr., a partner at Podhurst Orseck, is leaving the firm for a Miami Beach startup with three other lawyers from the firm.

Diaz has spent his whole law career at the Miami-based plaintiff-and-appellate law firm since graduating from Yale Law School in 1985.

“Victor is a great friend and an exceptional attorney,” Aaron Podhurst, founding partner of Podhurst Orseck said in a joint statement issued by Diaz and the firm. “While his departure is bittersweet, I am proud to see him fulfill a dream of building a firm on his own.”

Also, I found an old high school photo of Victor which also still happens to appear on the Podhurst firm website: diaz-7467992

I sure hope he tries out for track next year!