Your Friday Morning Digital Dump.

Hi kids, are you interested in watching Alvin Davis masticate flagellate lay prostate orate?

(Ok, let’s go with the last one.)

You can see the red-glassed Jedi at work — actually traveling to (ick!) Tallahassee — to deliver a master class before the Florida Supremes on the various forms of equitable estoppel, promissory included.

And he did it all for Don King!

(Oral argument transcript here, and the well-written briefs are here.)

In other news, the 11th Circuit finds that filing an amended complaint that expands the class definition revives an otherwise waived right to arbitrate; and Judge King is reversed because he excluded plaintiff’s expert testimony in a cruise passenger injury case.

Finally, more bad news for the lawyer whose response to Judge Seitz’ order to show cause is due today — apparently David Mandel thinks she may have a conflict of interest and her law firm possibly disqualified.

When it rains it rains…..

Oh hail it’s Friday, let’s misbehave: