Your Monday Morning Digital Dump.

Good morning!

Let’s get your strap-on you strapped on and ready to hit the ground running this week:

1.  We’re just like New York, only cheaper:

Longtime international attorney, George Rocky Harper of Harper Meyer, believes the perception of Miami’s legal market has changed. “Miami is viewed as a lower-priced alternative to New York with equally as sophisticated lawyers.”

2.   Mike Kosnitzky suggests that all that glitters may not be Asian casino mega gold:

I was troubled to learn that several South Florida business leaders were taken on junkets to see other Genting properties in Asia without full disclosure of who attended, what they saw and the cost of these trips paid for by Genting. I am not suggesting that these trips are improper. However, in our rush to love the proposal and Genting we must not lose sight off the public’s need to know who is influencing the process and why.

Come on, Mike — this is Miami we’re talking about.

3.  Magistrate Judge Goodman is a better researcher than the lawyers who appear in his courtroom:

Both parties provided the Court with citations to a variety of federal circuit and district court opinions at the hearing in support of their positions. But no party provided the Court with a case from either the Eleventh Circuit or any district herein that specifically addresses this question (i.e., whether a treating physician may provide opinion testimony on causation, future treatment, and extent of a disability without the submission of an expert witness report). Nonetheless, this Court was able to find authority from within this circuit that squarely addresses the issue presented here.

Way to rub it in, Judge.