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Public Intoxication

Public Intoxication Attorney Birmingham

Public Intoxication Citations

A person can be charged with Public Intoxication if they are in a public place and are so intoxicated that they may endanger themselves or another person. Intoxicated is the loss of normal mental or physical faculties do to the use of alcohol or drugs. Intoxicated can also be defined as having a BAC of at least .08. This can be a very subjective charge based only on a police officer’s opinion. A skilled public intoxication attorney can fight these charges through effect negotiation and trial advocacy.

Why should you hire an attorney for PI ticket?

P.I. tickets can have very serious consequences and can be very embarrassing. These tickets are potentially punishable by steep fines, community service, and/or alcohol awareness classes. Multiple PI tickets can result in much harsher punishments. These charges most often have to be disclosed on applications and can affect future employment, licensing, or schooling. Most importantly, without the proper outcome, these charges can stay on your record forever.

  • Public Intoxication citations can be very embarrassing, and the process is very confusing.
  • Public Intoxications charges can result in steep fines, community service, alcohol awareness classes, and after multiple offenses, much greater penalties.
  • PI tickets can stay on your record forever and can affect future job applications, college applications, or applications for government assistance.

Contact Cofer & Associates, experienced Public Intoxication lawyers, and he can help prepare a defense for your case.

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