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Pay Traffic Ticket Online – WAIT!

Should I pay a traffic ticket?

Not without talking to a ticket attorney!

Municipal courts and other traffic courts often set up systems to pay tickets online. You may have received a “collections letter” urging you to pay your ticket. A traffic ticket, like any other criminal offense, does not require the payment of a fine or court costs unless you are found “guilty” or placed on deferred probation. By paying a ticket online or in person you enter a plea of “Guilty” or “No Contest.” Courts allow you to plea “No Contest” to make you feel more comfortable with just paying the ticket. In the traffic court it has the EXACT same impact as a GUILTY plea. Do not be fooled by an offer to plea “no contest” and do not hurriedly pay a ticket online or pay a ticket at the court without speaking to a traffic ticket attorney.

Paying a ticket or paying to lift a warrant will likely damage your driving record and cost more in the long run. Do not pay a ticket without speaking to a ticket attorney.
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Caution Paying a Traffic Ticket Online!!

By paying a ticket online or paying to lift a warrant, you are likely getting a conviction or deferred that may eventually result in a conviction. Moving violation convictions can cause your insurance premiums to increase and result in driver’s responsibility points on your Alabama Driving Record. This may ultimately result in surcharges that the municipal or traffic court has not told you about. Paying a traffic ticket online could even result in a driver’s licenses suspension that could cost thousands of dollars to get back. There is a reason some attorneys focus their practice on traffic and other tickets.

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