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Traffic Warrant Attorney

Traffic Ticket Warrants Attorney

What are the consequences of a warrant from a traffic citation?

If you did not take care of your traffic ticket or did not show up to court, then you most likely have had a warrant issued for your arrest. If you have been contacted by the city or county that issued your ticket, then time is of essence. If you are pulled over for even the simplest traffic violation while you have an outstanding warrant under, then you will most likely go to jail. Dealing with these matters from the jail is much more difficult—probably more expensive—than contacting a lawyer now and getting the warrant lifted. A traffic warrant can also be sent to the Alabama Department of Public Safety, and you can be prohibited from renewing your driver’s license.

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You can have a warrant issued for failing to resolve the following types of tickets: speeding, following too close, failure to maintain a single lane, driving without a license (no DL), failure to signal, violation of promise to appear (VPTA), failure to appear (FTA), driving while license suspended (DWLS), reckless driving, no inspection or expired inspection (MVI), running a red light, running a stop sign, no registration or expired registration (MVR), no insurance, or failure to maintain financial responsibility.

Throughout the year, Alabama police departments set aside certain periods of time to conduct an intensive “round up” to arrest all persons with outstanding warrants. Traffic tickets are a particular focus for police during the statewide warrant roundup, and police will even show up at your job or home. Take care of your warrants today, call Matt Davidson.

Why should you hire an attorney for a traffic warrant?

There are two types of warrants issued in Alabama, Alias warrants and Capias warrants.

Alias warrants are issued if you have a received a ticket but have not acted on it. If you simply have not responded to your ticket, then you probably have an alias warrant. An attorney can post a bond, have your warrant lifted, and set a new court date. The attorney can then represent you in court in court for the original offense.

Capias warrants are issued when you have already made a plea or have shown up to court but then failed to follow the orders of the court. An example would be a situation in which you have set up a payment plan and then failed to pay on it. An attorney does not have the ability to represent you in this situation, and you only have two options: pay the citation fine or go to jail.

Although an attorney does not have the ability to help you with a capias warrant, alias warrants can be removed by an attorney. Call Warrant Attorney Matt Davidson to have your bond posted and your warrant lifted today.

  • Traffic warrants can lead to your arrest or a hold on your license.
  • Don’t get caught during the Great Alabama Warrant Roundup, call Matt Davidson today and have your warrants removed.
  • Hire Warrant Lawyer Matt Davidson to help defend you against these potentially devastating consequences and help you navigate through this confusing system.

Contact Matt Davidson, an experienced traffic warrant attorney, and he can post your bond, have your warrants lifted, and help prepare a defense for your case.

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