3d DCA Watch — Glass Half Filled Edition

wine_glass-7255302Hi kids, it’s a cold rainy Wednesday but things are always warm and toasty inside the hermetically-sealed, temperature-controlled bunker.Let’s take a peek…..

Fernandez v. Haber & Ganguzza LLP:

What’s the policy basis for the litigation privilege again?Maybe it’s time to revisit the doctrine in light of so many lawyers acting badly lately:

Although we do not agree with the actions taken by the Ganguzza law firm, we affirm because as a matter of law, the law firm is entitled to litigation immunity as to Fernandez’s tortious interference claim arising from the filing of the lis pendens in conjunction with pending litigation relating to the subject unit.

Yea! Saved by my law license!There’s more:

Although we believe that Ganguzza and his firm abused the legal process, we do not agree with Fernandez’s position……Although we think that the behavior of the Ganguzza law firm may have been highly unethical, we must affirm.

Got it, got it.

You keep saying things, but all I hear is that sweet sweet word — “affirmed.”